Welcome from Bradley J. Peck, Ph.D.

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Welcome to Wausau East High School!

Wausau East is built on a foundation of academic excellence and in this there is no compromise or change. As a professional staff, we pledge our dedication to provide the highest quality learning experience for each student in our school - in a learning environment that reflects our Core Values of Respect, Integrity, Compassion and Excellence!

Respect - We believe everyone at our school possesses qualities and traits worth admiration, so we respect the dignity of each person, as well as the personal property of others.

Integrity - Everyone in our school must strive to exemplify ethical and moral behavior. Our qualities of honesty, maturity, dedication, trust and dependability compel us to act responsibly. 

Compassion - We hold ourselves to a high standard of being sympathetic with another's situation, understanding without judgement, and offering help when a need is discovered.

Excellence - As Lumberjacks, we are selfless, determined, disciplined and dedicated while in the classroom or in any co-curricular activity. As students and teachers, we are determined to achieve the highest standard of excellence in every endeavor. 

I firmly believe that if each of us make it a priority and personal goal to work hard on demonstrating these values in all that we do, we will create a learning environment in our school that will benefit every single Lumberjack student!

Throughout the year, if there is anything we can do to assist your child, please do not hesitate to contact me. We trust that your experience with Wausau East High will enhance your faith in public education and that you will find in our school an education for your children that is worthy of your love and concern for them.

Go Lumberjacks!

Bradley J. Peck, Ph.D.